Seal Shield and Datamation Systems Debut Innovative Mobile Device Management Workflow at HIMSS 2019

Two leaders in mobile healthcare technology are partnering to provide a true endpoint mobile device management solution that addresses device sanitization, charging and management workflows for both patient and staff issued devices.

Orlando, FL (February 11, 2019) Seal Shield, LLC (Orlando, FL) alongside Datamation Systems, Inc. (South Hackensack, NJ), will be debuting custom mobile device workflows with the ElectroClave™ and UniDock™systems that are already solving key issues with patient and staff issued devices. These two leading class systems come together to provide a comprehensive scalable solution for healthcare organizations to properly sanitize, re-image, charge, and track their mobile devices and handheld electronics. Most notable this unique partnership integrates key data points around biological and data sanitization plus

real-time physical inventory. This gives healthcare organizations the ability to implement and efficiently manage workflows without adding any additional time or resources.

The communication and patient engagement landscapes in healthcare are changing rapidly and technology is driving these transformations. According to Spyglass Consulting Group, “By 2016 63% of hospitals were surveyed and they had investment plans around smartphone-based communication tools for clinical staff.” Combined with mobility. This is being leveraged to provide greater patient engagement with applications like MyChart Bedside, but it also creates hard decisions to make around infection control. “Peer-reviewed research has already been published showing that these mobile devices negate hand hygiene and are harboring pathogens responsible for nosocomial infections. So, there are obvious and big questions we should be asking ourselves. What are we going to do and how will me manage it,” states Christian Davis, Seal Shield VP of Tech.

About Seal Seal:

Seal Shield is the leading provider of innovative infection control solutions, improving healthcare outcomes and reducing the costs associated with hospital-acquired infections.

About Datamation Systems:

Datamation Systems is the established leader in charging, tethered management, storage and security solutions for mobile devices, especially its innovative UniDock™docking systems.

More information regarding UniDock can be found at or by contacting and information about Seal Shield can be requested here.