The momentous changes bringing mobility to the healthcare spectrum are truly transformational.

Today, physicians, nurses and others on the care team can access EHR systems and other clinical data through tablets and smartphones, gain insights on the go, to provide superior care. Clearly, health systems are getting in tune with the waves of mobility innovation and need a future-proof mobility strategy that empowers healthcare professionals to deliver better treatment at the point of care.

Any successful clinical mobility strategy that follows a shared mobile devices model has to ensure devices are maintained securely and charged where those devices are in use, initialized, synchronized, and updated with all applications running smoothly to deliver ready access and interoperable communications within applications. This is all the more critical as Healthcare institutions increasingly need to meet extensive regulations and HIPAA-compliance while still delivering high quality and cost-effective care.

Since Datamation Systems opened its doors in 1963, they have been the partner of choice for hundreds of hospitals, nursing homes and clinical practices in need of a solution to store, charge, manage, and protect all types of critical mobile devices. With nearly six decades of experience spanning the evolution of mobility ecosystems, Datamation Systems’ deployments and depth of experience stand unparalleled. The company’s innovative product portfolio comprised of storage, charging and tethered synching solutions for iPhones, iPads, other mobile devices, tablets and notebooks include portable mobile device docks, charge and synch hubs, mobile carts, fixed and wall mounted cabinets.

Leading Datamation Systems’ product suite is the UniDock, a sturdy multi-unit docking station, which provides advanced charging for iOS, Android, Windows, and other hand-held devices and synching through integration with third party Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications. The UniDock is uniquely built for adjustability and customizability with a design that accounts for form factor variability such as width and the overall size of devices to include protective cases, battery packs, and other device accessories. UniDocks can be configured initially for Lightning or micro USB or USB-C cable connections and retrofitted in the future for either, making it a truly future proof solution.

The UniDock also comes with additional security solutions such as a lockable cabinet sleeve, which incorporates a sliding base and an electronic lock integrated with badge tapping for identity controlled direct access to the docked devices. “Intelligence is built into our docks to make it easily accessible and capable of being integrated with device management applications used by healthcare organizations,” says Gerald Tozin, Senior Vice President, Datamation Systems.

Datamation Systems’ partner ecosystem includes leading mobile device mobile device management, identity & access management and healthcare communication software providers and national solutions providers that deliver a fully integrated and managed solution for the management of large deployments of mobile devices in a shared use environment. UniDock’s mobile device docking stations constitute the hardware device management platform of choice for these fully integrated mobile device applications in healthcare.

Datamation Systems’ docks fully integrate with partner software solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations rolling out mobility now and in the future as these organizations look to refresh devices and expand software platforms. Datamation Systems continues to advance the design of its UniDocks to keep pace with the changes device manufacturers make in connectors, form factors, and internal electronics and software providers bring forth in support of the changing requirements for deploying and leveraging mobility solutions in the healthcare sector. “A future-proof charging and device management platform can create real value for health systems investing in new technologies,” says Mr. Tozin who points to how the mobile devices are getting more powerful thus requiring innovative solutions to address challenges of battery life. “With a focus on fostering innovation, we continue to adapt our docks to all these specific requirements,” states Mr. Tozin.

“Our innovation lab is geared to build the necessary electronics into our docks to facilitate faster charging and reap its benefits,” remarks Mr. Tozin “We are leaving no stone unturned to be ready for mobility’s next great inflection point in healthcare.”

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