8-Port Universal USB Hubs

Sync-Charge and Charge-Only

  • Universal USB charging

  • User-programmable

  • Future-proof

The “holy grail” of device charging has long been a universal charger, one that can identify any type of USB-chargeable device, set the charger to the device’s optimum charging profile and charge it to its optimum specs.

Dozens of charging hubs claim to be “universal” but they are not. They are either underpowered, failing to deliver the maximum and best power to each port or they just apply one charging standard to anything that is plugged in.

Charging large numbers of devices is a challenge for healthcare organizations — iPads, iPhones, iPods,  tablets,  mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets . . . virtually anything that charges via standalone USB.

Datamation Systems is pleased to offer two 8-port types of professional USB charging stations – as well as a wide variety of larger hubs in charge and sync charge configurations.