Universal 16-port Sync and Charge USB Hub

Sync-and-Charge Your iPads, iPhones and Virtually All USB-Charge Devices

16-Port USB Hub – Model # DS-C-U16

The most advanced, durable and affordable, professional USB hub for syncing iDevices, the DS-SC-U16 charges and syncs all Apple devices plus virtually any USB-chargeable device. Its advanced engineering lets it read each port and set the optimum charging profile for each connected device. This helps conserve power and battery life and makes it truly universal. And it is future-proof (with user updatable firmware).

For Apple devices, it can sync to iTunes, Apple Configurator slot gacor gampang menang or to other MDM software and it acts like any professional USB hub for other non-Apple devices.

It is equipped with two expansion ports for daisy-chaining multiple hubs and a unique Open API to permit user-defined scripts to monitor or control each connected device.


  • Charges and syncs up to 16 iPads, iPods, iPhones or other USB-charged in charge mode devices, providing each USB port with the optimum charge level for each device (up to 2.1A, as needed for quick-charging iPads)
  • Proudly made in the USA*
  • Will also charge virtually any other device that can be charged through a powered USB port
  • “Future-Proof”: Updatable firmware will support any new device
  • Compact, durable, easy to use form factor; desktop link slot gacor and portable
  • Uses a state-of-the art universal USB charging board created by Cambrionix
  • Two expansion ports (USB-A) allow multiple hubs to be daisy-chained
  • Host port (USB-B) permits firmware updates and unique Open API to permit user-defined scripts to monitor or control each connected device.
  • Power Supply: 225w, 45a, 5v, 115/230VAC; built-in fan; UL/UV/CE; Level V efficiency meets Energy Star standards; plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: (enclosure box) 2.25″H x 18.5″L x 4″W
  • Use Apple MFI or device-maker provided USB cables or purchase optional cable accessory bundle

16-Port USB Hub – Model # DS-C-U16

Our portable sync-and-charge solutions offer efficient and affordable strategies. When and where they are needed, they allow you to bring sync capabilities to your new Apple iPads™ or bring your iPads to a sync station that is an effective shared resource.

They are perfect for classrooms, tech centers, libraries or service depots. They can also be used to retro-fit an existing notebook cart for syncing and charging the newest iPads, including the iPad mini.

This can save you money (in some cases tens of thousands of dollars), improving management control and security and making the best use of scarce resources.


The Cambrionix USB board that powers the DS-IP-SC-16 is designed to include a unique computer control mode that lets more sophisticated users control communication with each USB port. You can write your own terminal emulator scripts or apps in ways no other sync hub allows. click here for more information.

*Constructed with mostly US and some imported parts

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