Tools for Better Clinical Communication Strategies

Effective Charging, Management and Maintenance of iOS, Android and Windows Phones

Why Having Effective and Professional Mobile Docking Solutions Improves Clinical & Nursing Communications.

The use of smart phones for nursing and other clinical communications calls for smart charging and management solutions as well.  Whether you are using iOS, Android or Windows devices equipped with cases, battery packs or scanners, the right power and data connectivity tools are essential to an effective deployment.

Tethered solutions integrate with software solutions that allow remote break/fix, zero-touch provisioning and remote connected (or “docked”) devices.

Using software tools – such as GroundControl, Voalte, Mobile Heartbeat, VMWare/Airwatch or your other management systems – our hubs, trays, cabinets and enclosures provide tethered protection for your devices and assure an optimal charge.  Devices connected to our professional, future-proof charging/syncing configurations can be reset automatically, digitally sanitizing them, wiping out all personal information while the device is provisioned with approved applications and information. Some of solutions are, quite literally, “zero touch,” saving user down-time and significantly reducing support costs.

Mobile technology improves nursing communication and access to patient records.


Devices are always charged and up to date


Remote management, break/fixed, provisioning and control.


Technology is protected when locked.

We have a wide range of solutions matching virtually any need: our future-proof UniDock, charging trays, desktop cabinets, wallmount cabinets, carts and tabletop hubs.

With our unique open API, some customers even create their own communication and control scripts to add to management and control of iPads and other USB-connected devices. And our devices integrate into third-party applications such as those offered by GroundControl and Voalte.

Mobile Device Manager with Advanced Universal USB Hub and LED Display Panel
UniDock Smart Hubs – Sync-Charge Apple (iPads, iPhones) and Other USB-Connected Devices



Manage and Charge 8 Devices

Manage and Charge 16 Devices

Manage and Charge 24 Devices

Manage and Charge 8 iPads

Here are some other examples

Wall-Mount Security Safe for iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks

Netsafe IPCS

54 Port USB Hub for iPads and Other Apple Devices

Large Scale Sync for iPads and Other USB Devices

ThunderSync16 16-Port Universal USB Hub for Thunderbolt  – Probably the Fastest Hub on Earth

Transfer Speeds of up to 20 Gbits per second!

DS-SUPERSYNC15 Universal 15-port USB 3.0 HUB

5Gbps USB3.0 speed and high-current charging

Universal 16-port Sync and Charge USB Hub

Simultaneously Sync and Charge Your iPads, iPhones and Virtually All USB Charge Devices

EtherSync: Remotely Manage (Sync-Charge) Your Mobile Devices