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Mobile Devices in Healthcare

As mobile devices are deployed in healthcare settings, finding the right charging, device management, storage and security tools becomes more important. Whether in clinical, communication or patient engagement applications, finding tools that accommodate the evolving devices – and their cases and peripherals – is a challenge.

The innovative, professional tools developed by Datamation Systems provide the solutions that match your work environment, your concerns, and your budget . . . all while protecting the future and security of your investment.

Carts & Cabinets

Datamation Systems offers the widest choices of secure storage and charging solutions for ipads, tablets and notebooks, including carts, cabinets and wall mounts.  Many of these are future proof, assuring your investment will last well beyond the most recent technology deployment cycle.  And they are proudly made in the USA.


The unique UniDock provides advanced charging and syncing of for iOS, Android, Windows and other hand-held devices even configured with cases, battery packs and many peripherals.

Secure Storage, Charge & Sync

Here is the most comprehensive series of secure, compact, efficient and affordable storage solutions for mobile devices. Built on best-in-class professional grade technology, with future-proof design to protect your investment.

High-Speed Sync and Charge Thunderbolt Hubs

ThunderSync16 Thunderbolt2/3 offers transfer speeds up to 20-40 Gbp/s .

Rack Mounted Solutions

Secure and manage UniDocks, MDM trays, and custom charging devices

Battery and Phone Charging Solutions

Solutions to charge smartphones and their batteries (with/without cases)

Industry Strategies to Secure, Sync and Charge

Datamation Systems can help you match your specific mobile deployment needs to your institutional or business model.

Solutions to Secure, Sync and Charge iPads

Sync, Charge and Manage iPad Ecosystem Designed for the Way iPads Are Really Used in Patient Engagement and other Healthcare Applications

Future-Proof Professional USB Hubs
Mobile Device Management Trays
Custom Applications and OEM
Transport Cases