Managing Devices with UniDock and Datamation Systems Hubs

Datamation Systems UniDock, MDM trays and enclosures and hubs provide smart charging and future-proof support for a variety of iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices.  But they also enable secure, tethered management of those devices, powered by Cambrionix’s industry-leading USB connectivity.

Our platforms are built on an open API that permits you or third-party software providers to monitor, manage and control connected devices with simple scripts.

Powerful software suites, such as those created by GroundControl, make excellent use of these platforms, enabling features such as remote repair, device lock and check-in/check-out monitoring.

They are also compatible with Apple Configurator.

Customers can also make use of a free software interface called “LiveViewer” which displays connected devices and information such as their charge status.

Included Device Management Applications

Cambrionix LiveViewer

Cambrionix has Windows and Mac versions of a software interface called Live Viewer.  This free software allows users to do a variety of things with our Cambrionix-powered docks, MDM trays and hubs).  It works without third party software.

It is described at


Open API

Cambrionix provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for developers who wish to control, or retrieve information from, Cambrionix Universal Chargers programmatically. Support is available for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers.

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Apple Configurator


A comprehensive suite of management tools, including their unique device lock, check-in/check-out and live repair capabilities

Powerful yet simple applications to protect institutional iPhones.  See how GroundControl’s MfU (Made for UniDock) design achieves complete device management and security.  Click here for more information.

For additional information on other GroundControl solutions optimized for Datamation Systems USB management and charging solutions, click here to see their video demonstrations.

UniDock Device Management with GroundControl


GroundControl – A breakthrough enterprise-class configurator for iOS devices


GroundControl Check-In/Check-Out
Works Seamlessly with any UniDock USB station


GroundControl Tap & Go with the VMWare/AirWatch Workspace One Single Sign-On


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