Trays & Cabinets to Manage, Charge and Protect

iPods, iPhones, Tablets & other Mobile Devices in Healthcare Deployments

If you are deploying or managing multiples of smaller mobile devices — such as iPhones™, iPods™ or Android phones — Datamation Systems has storage strategies that incorporate state-of-the art charging and syncing hubs.  We have been leading this field since the days of the Palm Pilot and PDA!  And our solutions are built to work with just about every type of case and peripheral, including battery packs, scanners, sleds and more.

How do you handle these devices in a compact, secure and convenient space?

These are trays and cabinets equipped with foam interiors (most with adjustable dividers) that can be used to house and protect just about any type of mobile device, even with cases, battery packs or equipped with scanners or card readers. They provide easy access to professional grade charging hubs or sync-charge hubs and their power supplies. Some versions even provide security, locking the contents in a table-mounted enclosure.

They are built to be future-proof so, when your technology or accessories change, you do not have to replace your investment in storage and charging.  Many are powered by the best-in-class technology of Cambrionix, with updatable firmware, remote monitoring and a unique open API for custom applications. They are appropriate for iOS, Android or Windows and work with some third-party software management tools.

They work seamlessly with tethered third-party management programs, such as GroundControl. We also have the perfect tools for charging and protecting iPads and Android tablets used with Epic MyChart Bedside and similar program whether or not they maintained with tethered management applications.

Custom Solutions (Stands, Carts and Rack Mounts)

Sync, Charge and Manage iPads, Phones and other Mobile Devices

Locking door on professional 19” rack system

Mobile rack system with four device trays

Can store and secure iPads, tablets, iPhones, other mobile devices with accessories (not included)

Tray for iPhones (shown with Verifone sleds)

Compact Rack Solution

Trays for iPhones, or Other Mobile Devices. Can also be configurated with UniDocks and iPads.

Space for Apple Mini’s and similar host connections.

iPod™ and iPhone™ Trays and Drawers – Custom Cabinets and Mobile Stands

Rack Configuration on Wheels

Cart Base for Mobile Device Cabinets

UniDock 2.0 Cabinet with Electronic Lock Using Employee Badges

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Two-Drawer Locking Cabinet

These sync-charge drawers provide up to 2.1A per port (1.5A and 500mA in some configurations) and are powered by the best-in-class USB technology of Cambrionix.

Other Solutions to Consider

Universal 16-port professional hubs for iPods, iPhones, iPads and all USB-charged devices

ThunderSync 16-port Thunderbolt hub: Simply the fastest syncing hub anywhere!

54-port hub for managing large numbers of devices

SUPERSYNC15 Universal 15-port USB 3.0 HUB

EtherSync: USB-Over-IP Solutions – Remotely Manage Mobile Devices

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