Innovative Docking Station for Mobile Heartbeat™ QuickLaunch

Fast, Simple & Secure Authentication for Shared Device Users

Mobile Heartbeat’s QuickLaunch solution means staff can securely log into a shared device with the swipe of their access card. By using this log-in method, shared devices will automatically load with a user’s preferences and settings, including patients, phone extension, and InterApp launch points, all in a matter of seconds.

Datamation Systems’ UniDock Smart Docks are innovative, future-proof professional docks for iOS, Android mobile devices configured the way you use them.


  • Mobile Heartbeat QuickLaunch custom bundle
  • Durable, professional, upgradable dock for 16 and 24 devices in most protective cases. Versions for 8 devices also available.
  • Simultaneous charge and sync via USB, even when connected to a host
  • Pre-installed Serial IO Bluetooth enabled RF reader.  Custom powered mounting holster for iPhone™, iPod™ pre-installed: Ready-to-go for QuickLaunch.
  • Future proof: adjustable to future models and cases; field upgradable firmware; Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C can be retrofitted; iOS, Android or Windows
  • Open API allows user or vendor programming for remote management of connected devices
  • LED status indicators at each numbered slot
  • Powered by best-in-class USB technology from Cambrionix
  • LiveView software can be used to monitor device status
  • Can work with many peripherals, such as battery packs and sleds
  • Sheet metal casing powder-coated with anti-bacterial paint; scratch-resistant acrylic top
  • Proudly made in the USA*
  • 320W power supply
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 ½”W x 14 ½”D x 6”H


Manage and Charge 16 Devices


Manage and Charge 24 Devices

What Makes the UniDock/Mobile Heartbeat Bundle Unique?

  • Easily dock iPhones with QuickLaunch.
  • Fully integrated with QuickLaunch on iPhone/iPod and serial i/o Bluetooth badge reader.
  • Eliminates the tangle and hassle of connecting cables for charging and sync connections.
  • Adjustable guides can handle a variety of devices with virtually any case and many peripherals.
  • Open API for user-designed scripts.
  • Future-proof, user-updateable firmware.

Mobile Heartbeat: Accelerating the healthcare enterprise through enhanced communication

Manage the Unmanageable

The MH-m is built to support enterprise-scale healthcare systems. Once customers adopt the solution, it quickly makes it easier to communicate into a mission-critical system that cannot go down.  MH-CURE

Revolutionize Your Clinical Communications

MH-CURE connects and mobilizes clinicians and operational staff across the healthcare enterprise. By unifying all of the communication and collaboration tools needed for high-quality care in one platform. Learn more:  Platform

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“UniDock” is a trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc., *Constructed with mostly US and some imported parts