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Datamation Systems is proud that more than 400,000 mobile devices in hospitals, nursing homes and emergency services facilities are charged, managed and supported using our devices every day.

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As mobile devices are deployed in healthcare settings, finding the right charging, device management, storage and security tools becomes more important. Whether in clinical, communication or patient engagement applications, finding tools that accommodate the evolving devices – and their cases and peripherals – is a challenge.

The innovative, professional tools developed by Datamation Systems provide the solutions that match your work environment, your concerns, and your budget . . . all while protecting the future and security of your investment.

Clinical mobile device management made easy.

When every second counts, you need a simple, secure, and reliable solution.

UniDock™ Intelligent Docking Station is a market leader in zero-touch mobile device management, charging, and syncing.

That’s why it’s trusted by 80% of the largest health care systems in the U.S. to:

UniDock™ Tray is the latest innovation in the UniDock™ family of products.

Elegantly designed to offer health care organizations greater flexibility to manage, charge, and sync virtually any mobile device with a wider range of cases.

UniDock™ Safe lets health care organizations easily protect mobile devices without the need for an MDM software solution.

It integrates with UniDock™ Intelligent Docking Station to provide physical security for your technology investment.

How’s Datamation’s UniDock Smart Docks are used ?

High-Speed Sync and Charge Thunderbolt Hubs

ThunderSync16 Thunderbolt2/3 offers transfer speeds up to 20-40 Gbp/s .

Rack Mounted Solutions

Secure and manage UniDocks, MDM trays, and custom charging devices


Easy to move Carts which secure and charge iPads and Tablets

Industry Strategies to Secure, Sync and Charge

Datamation Systems can help you match your specific mobile deployment needs to your institutional or business model.

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Sync, Charge and Manage All Your Clinical Mobile Devices. Seamless Integration With Our Technology Partners.

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